Sunday, 2 June 2013

Daily: I ❤ School Trips

Why I love school trips:
Most of the time we're visiting a place I've never been to before; or trying something for the first time. So not only do I get to visit a place new, or try something that I wouldn't usually have the opportunity to do, I also get paid for it. Bonus!
This trip was to Makai no bokujo (farm) and consisted of two English teachers (including myself) and 3 Japanese teachers. The parents of the students also joined us. On the bus ride there we sang songs and told stories.
The farm was located very close to Fujisan. It was cute with all sorts of animals, and even a petting area for rabbits, guinea pigs, goats etc.
Before we split up and went at our own pace, we made cookies together.
Each family and teacher were given their own set of supples. I unfortunately got a little ahead of myself and made the mistake of using a whole egg instead of the recommended yoke only. 
Usually that would be no problem but since this recipe was precise, the extra white made my cookie dough far too sticky and un-moldable. In the end, the only shape I could make was a snowman, which my boss sort of  raised an eyebrow at. It's was a sad looking snowman. Hah
All in all, it was a hot and fun day.
Here are some photo's for your enjoyment.

Thanks so much for reading~


  1. aw, how adorable! ugh, i love guinea pigs. i would be in the heaven, haha
    that snowman ain't too bad looking, lol! i'd eat it!

  2. Lucky you! You get to do cool things with the kids. ^__^
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. ohhh the guinea pigs are so adorable! wonderful pictures and this looks like a fun day :)



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