Saturday, 15 June 2013

Reivew: Eyemania Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner

Hi Guys,

I was recently given the opportunity to review both a mascara and an eye liner from Eyemania, and now I'm excited to share my results.

First up: Liquid eyeliner

Their eyeliner is currently holding the No.11 position on the Cosme rating website. I love the clean white packaging that it comes in. It's quite a difference from my kawaii make up which I adore just as much.  The applicator comes in the form of a precision brush, not my favorite, but good for creating those thin, fine lines. I personally prefer gel pencil eyeliners as they are easier for me. I just need more practice with brush applicators. :)
Once applied the colour dries to a nice glossy black.  It claims to be waterproof and smudge proof. I can attest to that. I recently wore this eyeliner to school where it was hot, humid, gross and everything in between. It stayed on all day without needing to apply touch ups throughout the day.
Stays on all day
Creates prefect thin lines
Jet black
Might be difficult to create thick lines
A little on the pricer side
Price: ¥1554
Where to buy: Rakuten

Next up: Mineral Mascara

This mascara has been rated No.1 on many sites including Rakuten, Yahoo, Amazon. It's also been featured in many magazines.
Pictured to the left are the instructions on how to apply the mascara. 
Again, the mascara comes in a nice, clean and simple white tube. 
Since I find is somewhat difficult to describe mascaras, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Just like the eyeliner, the mascara lasted all day without smudging or running. Removing the mascara was easy with my Etude House eraser show mascara cleaner ❤. I really liked the results.
Lasts all day
Easy to apply
Gives me longer, thicker lashes
Price: ¥1554
Where to buy: Rakuten
I would highly recommend this mascara and if you like a precision tip eyeliner, then you will  enjoy this one. I, on the other hand need to get use to it. ;)

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Prunusnus box vs Glossybox: May Edition

Hey Guys,

Here's a comparison of my May Prunusbox and Glossybox.

Great value for money
For only a couple ¥¥ more you were able to try a full collection from the organic brand Awake.
You are able to choose a more earth friendly box, instead of having a ungodly number of unused beauty boxes laying around your house.

The candy bath bombs are incredibly cute
Unfortunately the body butter had an unpleasant smell to it

Both boxes were great in their own way, but I'm going to lean more towards the Prunusbox this month.

Thanks for reading!

Btw, the WWD Glossybox is available for purchase. I'm a sucker for special edition boxes so ill be picking up a box for myself.

Random photo from last weekends trip to Akihabara!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Daily: I ❤ School Trips

Why I love school trips:
Most of the time we're visiting a place I've never been to before; or trying something for the first time. So not only do I get to visit a place new, or try something that I wouldn't usually have the opportunity to do, I also get paid for it. Bonus!
This trip was to Makai no bokujo (farm) and consisted of two English teachers (including myself) and 3 Japanese teachers. The parents of the students also joined us. On the bus ride there we sang songs and told stories.
The farm was located very close to Fujisan. It was cute with all sorts of animals, and even a petting area for rabbits, guinea pigs, goats etc.
Before we split up and went at our own pace, we made cookies together.
Each family and teacher were given their own set of supples. I unfortunately got a little ahead of myself and made the mistake of using a whole egg instead of the recommended yoke only. 
Usually that would be no problem but since this recipe was precise, the extra white made my cookie dough far too sticky and un-moldable. In the end, the only shape I could make was a snowman, which my boss sort of  raised an eyebrow at. It's was a sad looking snowman. Hah
All in all, it was a hot and fun day.
Here are some photo's for your enjoyment.

Thanks so much for reading~


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