Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Daily: Getting things done

This month was all about firsts for me.
I paid two bills for the first time here in Japan. It was much easier than expected.
All we (Alex and I) had to do was bring the bill to Lawsons (local combini) say "sumimasen onegaishimasu" (would you please...) and hand the store clerk the bills.
She then proceeded to scan them, inform us of the total and stamped them once paid.
Done and Done. 

Second -
Buying stamps at the local post office. This was even easier - We just showed them the envelope, two kind ladies helped us out. One got the stamp the other cashed us out. Easy peezy!

Third -
I finally applied for my Ponta Card for Lawson and many other establishments. I'm not 100% what it does, but I'm a big fan of discount and points cards. For the past month and a half I always hated saying 'Iie" when asked if I had a ponta card. I always felt like I was missing out on some great deal or discount.
I tried applying for the card a couple of weeks ago while in Lawson but didn't understand any of the questions and ended up deactivating the card instead.  The store clerk at Lawsons who didn't understand my English was trying her best to help me answer the questions on the application but it just wasn't working.
Thank goodness for Google Translate as I was able to complete my application online finally!

I'll leave you with a photo of my SUPER Kawaii cell phone cover and Ponta card :)


  1. hi, found your from Beauty correspondents.
    I have the same phone case as yours, in Samsung Galaxy S2, and mine is in brown :)

    Do check out my blog if you have time:

    1. Thank you Dorothy! I will be sure to check out your blog :) Thanks for stopping by and following!



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